Miranda Hennes, MN, ARNP, PMHNPbc

While working with children and adolescents I find the greatest satisfaction in individualizing care. We are all unique and come from many different backgrounds which primes differences in perception, culture, and beliefs about who we are. I have the pleasure of learning children and adolescents’ stories and helping them manage their own symptoms better with assistance from medication and human support.

My personal philosophy of prescribing is to provide the most amount of benefit with the least amount of medicine. Medication is part of the treatment that is best enhanced with the growth and healing that comes with therapy. Though I mostly focus on medication management during appointments with children and adolescents, I am able to include some brief counseling techniques that include CBT and DBT.

I embody unconditional positive regard for the youths I serve and understand that children and adolescents do the best they can with what they have.