William Law

I grew up in Ohio and attended Ohio State University, where I completed programs in the History of Art (B.A.) and Educational Psychology (B.S. Ed.). While at Ohio State, I worked as a Medical Technician at

OSU Medical Center and as a Phlebotomist and E.R. admissions triage at other area trauma Centers. I also did graduate work in the History of Islamic Art. While in college, I backpacked throughout Europe.

I began teaching at the University of South Florida Psychiatric Center, where I started clinical training with adolescents. I graduated from Vermont College of Norwich University with a degree in Counseling Psychology specializing in Marriage and Family therapy Systems. During my internship, I worked with the LGBT community during the “AIDs crisis.”

After graduation, my post-graduate training continued in children and family therapy, and I also received certification in oncology counseling at the Sloan Memorial-Kettering Institute. In the mid-1990s, I specialized in trauma care and was credentialed as a trauma specialist, cognitive/behavioral therapist, EMDR provider, clinical hypnotherapist, and critical incident stress specialist. I attended the Florida Law Enforcement Academy and was certified as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Florida.

In 2005 I relocated to a U.S. Public Health designated “frontier community” in southeastern New Mexico and worked in community mental health, private group home settings, and private practice. I volunteered as a community firefighter, wildland firefighter, and Leader of Search and Rescue. I was also an Emergency Room Behavioral Health Services Screener. While in New Mexico, I became a horse trainer and equine therapist.

In 2018 I was recruited to Seattle to prepare staff for an integrated care center and later transitioned to an Immigrant agency where I worked as the Behavioral Health Director.
When working with clients, I believe that the goal is to help them find solutions to their distress as quickly and respectfully as possible.